Cachaca 51 Singular

Cachaca 51 Singular

Cachaca 51 Singular

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Reserva 51 Singular is a distilled beverage of the noblest varieties of sugarcane, aged in American oak barrels and having a part finished in amburana barrels, a typically Brazilian wood. The result is a cachaça with a fine, soft and slightly sweet palate and with an intense, distinctive and seductive aromatic bouquet.

In the aging process, the cachaça is placed in American oak barrels of about 200 liters each and kept in a cool place. Later, a part of Reserva 51 Singular rests in amburana barrels. Over time, the contact of the cachaça with the barrel promotes chemical reactions where the drink gains flavor, color and aroma characteristics, derived from the type of wood. According to the time and origin of the barrel, these characteristics are intensified and also bring sensory notes to the cachaça from the drink previously aged in these barrels.

All the cachaca’s in the Reserva 51 range are aged between 4-5 years.


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