Bombay Star Of Gin

Bombay Star Of Gin

Bombay Star Of Gin

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The story began when our Dakin stills were safely installed at our Laverstoke Mill Distillery. Seeing them at work in their new home inspired our Master Distiller, Nikolas Fordham, to create a new, exceptional gin that would establish a new chapter for the Bombay Spirits Company. The gin took about six months to come together. Nikolas, along with our Master of Botanicals, Ivano Tonutti, worked at first using a micro still. This was specially designed by the Bombay team to exactly replicate the conditions of vapour infusion, enabling them to perform test after test in order to perfect the recipe. Together, Nikolas and Ivano have been instrumental in bringing Star of Bombay to life and building upon the rich gin-making traditions of our company.

We are proud to launch the latest edition to the Bombay Gin portfolio. Star of Bombay is a super-premium gin Slow Distillation

Star of Bombay is slow distilled in single batches. The slowed down Vapour Infusion process extracts a deeper intensity of flavours and aromatics from the botanicals.

Botanicals We use 12 botanicals, including bergamot from Sicily and ambrette seeds from Ecuador. These harmonise beautifully with our signature botanicals for a bright, smooth, deeply captivating gin.

47.5 ABV Laverstoke Mill London Dry Gin We slow distil Star of Bombay at 47.5% ABV at our Laverstoke Mill Distillery. This higher ABV enhances the flavours for a complex London Dry gin that’s smooth enough to enjoy neat, over ice.

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