James Squire One Fifty Lashes Pale Ale

James Squire One Fifty Lashes Pale Ale

James Squire One Fifty Lashes Pale Ale

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The story goes that when James Squire was discovered stealing ingredients from the stores to make the colony’s first batch of beer, the judge ordered 150 lashes… plus two barrels of ale. Thankfully for us, James Squire was a far better brewer than he was a thief.

Launched in 2011, this thirst-quenching Australian pale ale has proved a hit with customers around the country. Similar to Coopers Pale Ale (although less yeasty), this clean-finishing craft beer may be cloudy in appearance, but there’s nothing cloudy about the taste.

Malted wheat adds refreshing character, while the fruity infusion makes for an enticing aroma. Whether you’re enjoying a fresh cut of meat or a tempting smorgasbord of seafood and fresh produce, you’ll want one of these straw-coloured beauties as the perfect complement to a casual feast.

James Squire One Fifty Lashes Pale Ale is also the ideal starting point for anyone looking to embark on a quest towards an appreciation of more flavourful beers. It’s a completely approachable craft brew that provides a gentle counterpoint to our more challenging Stowaway IPA.

Ironically, there was nothing gentle about the punishment James Squire received from the judge for stealing the ingredients that set him on the path to being Australia’s first –and most famous – brewer. So is One Fifty Lashes a beer as legendary as the story it’s named after? We’ll let you be the judge of that…

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